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About IceMallorca

You can almost guess who we are by our name, IceMallorca.
We are a Mallorca supplier of all kinds of ice cubes, delivered directly to your private party or at your company door.

køb isterninger og knust is med garanti for tilfredshed
Customer satisfaction guarantee
Køb isterninger og knust is med levering i hele Danmark
all over Mallorca
Køb isterninger og knust is med levering inden for 6 timer
within 6 hours
Køb isterninger, knust is og cube is hos Isklart
Ice in
different forms

About IceMallorca and our products

Whether it’s a big or small party, ice is a must. We have an online sale and delivery of ice cubes and crushed ice, and you can read more about IceMallorca on this page. Ice cubes and crushed ice keep drinks cool and complete the experience – a drink with ice cubes or crushed ice tastes better and looks better.

Nordic Liquid Group

A big group

IceMallorca makes it easy, fast, and cheap to have ice cubes and crushed ice delivered right to your door. IceMallorca is part of the Nordic Liquid Group, which is behind ZubarDubar and has more than 12 years of experience in the sector. Today we are one of Denmark’s leaders in cocktail catering, and we know exactly what it takes to ensure that you and your guests have the best experience.

We are proud to offer catering, bar, and ice services to all types of companies, from supermarket chains to festivals, to large and small events or cocktails. Furthermore, the companies behind Nordic Liquid Group Danmark ApS are: ZubarDubar, Isklart, GinHass, Lej en bartender, y TenderCrate.

IceMallorca suministra cubitos de hielo de alta calidad

Our products

High-quality raw materials, good service, and attention to hygiene have ensured customer satisfaction over the years. Ice is not “just” ice. There are several ways to produce ice cubes and crushed ice.

We produce our ice with some of the best ice machines on the market. Of course, the production takes place in Palma de Mallorca, under controlled, ecological, and professional conditions, so we are sure that you will get the best product.

IceMallorca suministra cubitos de hielo de alta calidad

What do our customers say?

We put great emphasis on excellent service and high-quality products. For this reason, we strive daily to offer you the most flexible delivery and the best level of communication.

Here you can find an excerpt from our latest reviews:


Trustpilot score: 4,9

IceMallorca - Trustpilot score

Read more about what our customers think about us here.

"I recently had the pleasure of purchasing ice cubes from IceMallorca for a party I hosted ..."

17 June 2023

"I have ordered a barrel of 25kg. for my birthday, and the delivery was made a few hours ..."
Ana Apostoaiei

16. november 2022

"Perfekter Service !
IceMallorca war immer erreichbar und hat super schnell geliefert zu einem ..."

Gina Pagel

03. august 2022

"Ich habe das Eis auf der Website bestellt und in wenigen Stunden war es bei uns zu Hause. Zahlung ..."

alex. elyas

03. august 2022

The team behind IceMallorca

IceMallorca is full of talented people who make sure IceMallorca is the best supplier on the market. They ensure that the service is first class, the quality of the ice cubes is the best and that their delivery arrives in 6 hours at your door.

Read more about our staff here:


Nikolaj Krøll Madsen


Nikolaj is the group’s owner and deals with sales and product development. He has a background in the media world but has worked in the restaurant and catering industry for the past 10 years.

Annette Krøll Madsen


Annette is responsible for the group, finances, and daily manager of our Nordic warehouse in Denmark. Annette has many years of experience from the food industry as logistics and purchasing manager.

Sales & customer service

Pernille Dybdahl

Sales & Back Office Director

Pernille prepares the best offers for our customers. She also ensures that the sales department always provides customer service and improves communication.

Emilie Bisbo Bøgh

Sales Manager

Perhaps you have already been lucky enough to talk to Emilie? She is always available by phone and email to meet the customer’s wishes. Based on this, she prepares a relevant offer for your particular event.

Frederik Hyre

Sales employee

Frederik is always ready for a call or a message. Based on your wishes, he puts together a solution and offer that fits your event perfectly.

Tamara Bender


Tamara is the leader of the organization.
She is responsible for the group, finances, and daily management of our warehouse in Spain.

Catalina von Thienen

Head of sales

Catalina is Head of Sales and ensures we always have a sharp offer for interested customers. She organizes sales and events so that you get the best possible experience with us.

Logistics & HR

Mikkel Hammershøj

Logistics manager

Mikkel makes the big logistics puzzle work. He is responsible for coordinating and streamlining deliveries for events and ensures that it happens on time. In the past, Mikkel has been both an event coordinator and organizer for large and small events.

Louis Friborg

Human resources coordinator

Louis gathers the loose ends in the drivers’ and bartenders’ schedules. With his help, we are always sure that customers get their service or products on time.

Jónvá Ellefsen Á Norði

Human resources coordinator

Every week, Jónvá makes the bartender’s shift schedule work. With events and bartenders all over the country, she makes sure that everything comes together in a higher unity matching customers and employees.


Logistics coordinator

There is always a complicated road map that needs to be worked out. Here, Jakob is responsible for ensuring that all products arrive on time, and there is always a driver ready for the task.

Martin Krøll Madsen

Logistics consultant

Martin is the company’s logistics consultant. Daily, he helps to pack customer orders and helps to ensure the high quality of all deliveries. Furthermore, he is responsible for the company’s recipe database.


Sebastian Gregersen

Warehouse worker

Sebastian keeps an overview of the warehouse and makes sure that nothing is missing and everything is in order. Every week he assists the drivers so that the cars always have the right products packed.


Warehouse worker

The drivers are always in a hurry, so Mads makes sure that everything is packed and ready for their deliveries. He is also responsible for ensuring that all productss are on the shelves as they should be.


Warehouse worker

After busy days with many events, Ditte always ensures that everything in the warehouse looks nice again. Everything is put in place and cleaned so everyone can do their best again without problems.


Warehouse worker

Frank ensures that everything runs like clockwork in the warehouse, even when it is busiest. With the team, he gets everything ready for both bartenders and drivers so that customers get the best possible experience.

Marketing & Product Development

Martin Skjærup Nielsen

Marketing Manager

With many years of training in the profession, Martin is responsible for all the marketing here in the company. Among other things, he is responsible for promoting all our ideas, our products and our service.

Ana-Maria Apostoaiei

Multimedia designer

Ana-Maria is our multimedia designer. She has always been passionate about the digital world, and with Ana-Maria’s skills, we ensure that our websites are always up and running and function as they should.

Sofie Dyrelund Veng

Content Manager

As Content Manager, Sofie ensures that the content on our channels is correct and, not least, entertaining and relevant. Sofie’s background includes a master’s degree in language and experience as a copywriter at both web and event agencies.

Kim Hass

Product developer

Kim Hass is one of the world’s best bartenders. For the past decade, he has been behind the success of Gin Hass, which has taken the European market by storm. Kim Hass is responsible for product and concept development in the group.

Hektor Smedegaard

Head of Education

Hektor is the company’s Head of Education. He has extensive work experience from, among other things, Oblix in London and Balthazar at the Hotel D’Angleterre, as well as working together with several world champions over time in flair and mixology. Hektor has worked with the training of bartenders in Denmark, England, Greece, Spain, and the USA.