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Buy ice for any type of event

There is simply nothing that we clearly cannot handle. Buy ice for concerts, festivals, corporate parties, holiday dinners, trade shows, birthdays, weddings, and more. We deliver to all!

Ice cubes for companies

Is your business missing a fresh snack? We are always ready to deliver a solution for your company party, event, Christmas lunch, etc.

Ice cubes for private

¿No soportas la molestia de tener que preparar cubitos de hielo para el evento? Pídanos cubitos de hielo y se los entregaremos en su puerta.

Ice cubes for the festival

Ice cubes for a festival? Or ice cubes directly at the entrance? We deliver to all festivals.

Ice cubes for private, companies and festivals

Buy ice cubes and crushed ice for your party at IceMallorca.
We are ready for orders of all sizes and we ship them to any island.
Cócteles con cubitos de hielo para fiestas de empresa

Buy ice for companies.

If you are a business and need ice cubes, either now or for an upcoming event, IceMallorca is ready to help. We deliver ice cubes to your door 24/7 and always within six hours.

Ice cubes are needed for cocktails, drinks as well as chilled beverages. These can be champagne, wine, beer, or soda. Many business customers also use our ice cubes to cool food.

The ice cubes from IceMallorca are produced in Mallorca and by the best machines on the market from Scotsman. Our production of ice cubes meets the highest standards in food control.

Cubitos de hielo regulares en un cóctel para una fiesta privada

Ice for private customers.

If you don’t want to bother, buy ice cubes from IceMallorca. Our ice cube solution can be used for all kinds of events.

Our ice cubes are perfect for cocktails and refreshing drinks like champagne, beer, and bottled wine.

We produce our ice cubes in Mallorca, and with our high demands on machines, self-control, and hygiene, we deliver one of the best products on the market. Manufacturer Scotsman delivers and services our ice machines year-round.

Cubitos de hielo regulares en un cóctel para una fiesta privada
Cubitos de hielo para festival

Ice for festivals

The Festival season is one of the hottest in Mallorca. The summer weather is preparing to warm everyone up. That’s why we offer a cold solution that provides you with the refreshment you need.

We deliver directly to the entrance, at any festival in Mallorca, so that you, your friends, and your family always have a great solution at hand.

Are you a festival organizer or have a stand at a festival, then we help you with the joys and there. We have delivered more than 100 tons for various festivals.