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Ice cubes

With ice cubes from IceMallorca, it’s time to sit back and enjoy one of the many delights of the year.
Perfect when you are arranging, celebrating a party, or in need of some cool refreshment.
10 kg. isterninger i boks

10 kg. ice cubes in a box

Ex. VAT €20,00

12 kg. isterninger i termotønde

12 kg. ice cubes in a barrel

Ex. VAT €22,73

25 kg. isterninger i termotønde

25 kg. ice cubes in a barrel

Ex. VAT €40,91

køb isterninger og knust is med garanti for tilfredshed
Customer satisfaction guarantee
Køb isterninger og knust is med levering i hele Danmark
all over Mallorca
Køb isterninger og knust is med levering inden for 6 timer
within 6 hours
Køb isterninger, knust is og cube is hos Isklart
Ice in
different forms
Cóctel fresco con cubitos de hielo y menta

Warm drinks, no thanks!

One of the most important details to keep in mind at a party is that all drinks are okay. Drinks must be served cold and with lots of ice cubes.

Can you imagine serving a Gin & Tonic, Rum & Cola, Dark ‘N’ Stormy, or Old Fashioned without ice? It would be the same thing to serve a hot beer for breakfast. It will certainly not fall into good soil. Ice cubes are required for a drink. It is inextricably linked with a cup and a jug.

So it’s essential to have enough ice cubes so that the party doesn’t die out with the mood. Buy ice cubes online from IceMallorca and have them delivered within the next six hours!

We make it easy

At IceMallorca we deliver the ice directly to your home. We are here for you so you don’t have to panic buy overpriced ice cubes in the city and transport them to your party in the last hours before everything else is ready.

IceMallorca is for everyone who can see the sense of happy guests with nice and cool drinks. We work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our concept is based on the fact that we want to give you a great party without worries.

In our assortment, you will find different quantities of ice cubes in thermal containers. Depending on how much you need, we have the best price for you.

We have found and researched that cylindrical ice cubes cool your drinks or cocktails faster. This kind of ice cube is the perfect choice on a hot summer day!

Also, look at our assortment and discover our selection of crushed ice and premium ice cubes on this website. Don’t forget that we also offer party accessories such as ice scoops, champagne bowlers, and ice buckets.

Ginebra Tanqueray y cubitos de hielo de IceMallorca
Cubitos de Hielo directamente a la puerta

Thermo barrels

If you buy ice cubes in thermal containers, you can be sure the ice will stay for at least 48 hours without any problems.

The thermal containers are made of polystyrene, which provides solid insulation. They keep the temperature at freezing, so the ice cubes will be fresh when needed.

We recommend placing the thermal barrels outdoors in the shade. This will keep the temperature in the box cool longer. Placing the thermal barrel on a surface that can handle moisture is also a good idea. This is because the thermal barrel can form some condensation.

Our popular thermal barrels ALWAYS come with ice cubes and crushed ice! A great advantage if you want to store ice for several hours.

How long do the ice cubes last in a thermal barrel?

On average, the ice cubes last about 2-3 days, so depending on the climate, we do not recommend leaving them any longer. We deliver on all days of the week. Order the ice cubes as close as possible to your event time.

How many ice cubes should I use?

We supply ice cubes for more than 2,000 events every year. Based on this experience, we recommend 25 kg. of ice (1 large thermal barrel) for about 40 guests or converted about 10 drinks/cocktails pr. kg. of ice cubes.

What do I do with the thermal barrel?

We want to collect the thermal barrels in which you have received your ice cubes. As part of our sustainability efforts, we encourage you to contact us if you no longer need the thermal barrel.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us here. You are also welcomed to write to us on our Facebook page.

Weight approx: ca. 8 kg.
Contents: ca. 8 kg.

Small barrel
Diameter: 420 mm.
Insulation: 30 mm.
Height: 355 mm.
Weight approx. 13 kg.
Contents: ca. 12 kg.

Big barrel
Diameter: 420 mm.
Insulation: 40 mm.
Height: 625 mm.
Weight approx: 27 kg.
Contents: 25 kg.

IceMallorca delivers ice cubes and crushed ice across the island within 6 hours. Our shipping costs are fixed, so you will never be surprised.

We reserve the right to deliver the ice to the door or entrance.

Our guarantees
Price guarantee:

We have the lowest prices on the island. Our qualified staff review and adjust prices weekly, so we will always deliver the cheapest ice cubes in the market for your event.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

We guarantee our product. So, if you are dissatisfied, you will get your money back.

Spice up the party and choose the right accessories