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Ice cubes on the sea

Do you need cooling ice cubes on your boat or ship? No problem! We deliver the desired amount of ice directly to the deck, so you can easily sail on with a load of cool refreshments for you, food or ingredients.

Los cubitos de hielo se entregan en toda Mallorca

Ice cubes

Se entrega hielo picado en toda Mallorca

Crushed ice

Los cubitos de hielo Cube se entregan en toda Mallorca

Premium cubes

køb isterninger og knust is med garanti for tilfredshed
Customer satisfaction guarantee
Køb isterninger og knust is med levering i hele Danmark
all over Mallorca
Køb isterninger og knust is med levering inden for 6 timer
within 6 hours
Køb isterninger, knust is og cube is hos Isklart
Ice in
different forms

Get ice cubes on the boat without any hassle

We make sure that you get ice cubes on the boat or ship without any problems. This applies to both delivery and return. No matter how much ice you have ordered, we make the process simple and easy for you.
Recibe cubitos de hielo en un yate

Easy delivery and return

You receive the ice cubes in thermal barrels, which ensures that the ice lasts for at least 24 hours (most likely longer depending on the conditions). We strive to make both delivery and return of thermal barrels as easy as possible. That is why we deliver thermal barrels with ice cubes directly to your boat or ship.

You can have the thermal barrels with you for as long as you want. There is no limit to the number of days they are gone with you.

When you return home to the port again and are done using the thermal barrels, you can simply leave them at the port. We pick them up, so you do not have to deliver them to our warehouse.

Recibe hielo picado en tu barco

You decide the type and the quality

It is entirely up to you whether we deliver ice cubes or crushed ice on your boat. Likewise, all quantities are feasible.

The ice cubes come in thermal barrels with room for a maximum of 25 kg ice cubes per. PCS. All our thermal barrels have a diameter of 420 millimeters, making it possible to have them on board the vast majority of boats and ships.

In addition, the thermal barrels are easy to stack if there is room for it. You can, therefore, easily carry many kg of ice cubes on the deck.

Recibe hielo picado en tu barco

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