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Ice cubes for New Year’s Eve

Would you like your New Year’s party to be full of ice-cold cocktails? Provide cool drinks for the guests and yourself with ice cubes for New Year’s Eve!

The last day of the year is already busy. That is why we deliver ice cubes and crushed ice to your front door – so you do not have to worry about picking them up yourself. We’re coming on 31st December, so you’ve got some fresh ice cubes for 2022’s last party.

Los cubitos de hielo se entregan en toda Mallorca

Ice cubes

Se entrega hielo picado en toda Mallorca

Crushed ice

Los cubitos de hielo Cube se entregan en toda Mallorca

Premium cubes

køb isterninger og knust is med garanti for tilfredshed
Customer satisfaction guarantee
Køb isterninger og knust is med levering i hele Danmark

all over Mallorca

Køb isterninger og knust is med levering inden for 6 timer
within 6 hours
Køb isterninger, knust is og cube is hos Isklart
Ice in
different forms

The last ones on the list

En Nochevieja, nos gusta dar un toque extra a la fiesta. Preparamos los platos, decoramos con globos brillantes e iluminamos el cielo con impresionantes fuegos artificiales. Pero, ¿la fiesta debe ser la guinda del pastel? Entonces, ¡completa la lista de comprobación con cubitos de hielo para las bebidas heladas!
Ice for new Year's Eve

Enjoy iced cocktails

Now that you’ve gotten so much out of New Year’s Eve, it would be a shame to forget one small but essential detail. Drinks with our ice. This is most easily achieved with many ice cubes in each serving.

With ice cubes, the taste experience is 110% better, as the temperature has a surprisingly significant effect on cocktails’ degree of sweetness, acidity, and strength.

Whether you want to serve the popular Gin Hass, the tasty Mojito, or just a glass of soft drink, you will only improve the experience when you add the right amount of ice cubes or crushed ice.

Delivery of ice cubes

Order and delivery of ice cubes

You decide how many ice cubes we need to deliver. We deliver from 8 kg to 100 kg. It is also entirely up to you whether we should come a day earlier or supply fresh ice on New Year’s Eve itself.

We are as flexible as possible and will be ready to deliver the ice to you on the same day as New Year’s Eve.

Therefore, we are as flexible as possible and will be ready to help you even on the last day of the year.
Start the year with the perfect party that offers good company, delicious food, and excellent cocktails.

Delivery of ice cubes

Spice up the party and choose the right accessories